ISMAT's management, also thanks to the presence of National Safety Delegates for sporting implants, has proudly aquired a long experience during national championship of all the leagues ( A – B – LEGA PRO) in the field of managing the security in Italian stadiums and arenas, among which:

  • OLYMPIC stadium in Turin during home matches of JUVENTUS F.C.and TORINO
  • SAN SIRO stadium in Milan (MILAN e INTER)
  • SILVIO PIOLA stadium in Novara (NOVARA CALCIO)
  • LUIGI FERRARIS stadium in Genova (SAMPDORIA)
  • PALAFERRARIS arena in Casale Monferrato (CASALE BASKET)

 And also:

  • Sinigaglia stadium (Como)
  • Sporting Center in Meda (Renate)
  • Natale Palli stadium (Casale Calcio)
  • Fratelli Paschero stadium (Cuneo e Bra football teams)
  • Pietro Fortunati stadium (Pavia)

ISMAT can count on its staff with more than 500 collaborators (STEWARDS) dedicated to welcoming, controlling and routing audience.

All the employed personnel attended a specific course and is certified according to current law.

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